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Black Sheep Fabrication

Suicide Awareness

Suicide Awareness

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Hello, as many of you know, I've lost two of my close friends recently due to suicide. The rates of suicide increasing is a secret to none.


This piece is not by any means a solution, but please continue to read as I explain the purpose behind this one for me.


Many times you hear different stories from people who have either had thoughts of committing or who have committed unsuccessfully (thankfully) that one little sign or clue that they still have a purpose. A lot of times you find yourself seeing something while you're out and about that you connect with internally. I am hoping that this piece can be displayed in many different businesses or organizations, not to target anyone but to hopefully catch just the right persons eye, and by a miracle it be their sign, that their story is not over. I am making these pieces and selling them for as cheap as I possibly can. If you are unsure of the meaning of the semi-colin I will do my best to explain it below. I also recommend that you read into the meaning as well.



We all know a semicolon is used in a sentence, when an author is writing a sentence, they could've ended the sentence there; but didn't. Many times we will read a long winded sentence just to find a semicolon to show that the sentence is still going. The same is true for life. The semicolon can be also used as a symbol of hope. It means that you can pause in the middle of life's hardships and continue on. It reminds you that there is always something to look forward to. The semicolon can also be a symbol of strength. It takes courage to continue on when life gets tough. 


These pieces are 12" in diameter.


If you would like one in a custom color, please email me at, or find us on facebook and message me there. 

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