Collection: "OG" Giveaway Items



In the images you will find 5 different 24” customizable monograms…. 

Every dollar spent on “OG” Apparel will be worth one entry. 

20 orders will open this giveaway, if we do not reach 20 orders towards the giveaway we will not be able to do the giveaway.

Hoodies are not in stock yet and will be a pre order. 

There will be one winner, up to 50 orders. After the 50th order we will select 2 additional winners! Yes, we will giveaway over $500 dollars worth of customized work. One winner can win twice. If a winner does happen to win twice, they will also have the option of giving away their winnings and we will draw another winner in place.

We will video the random wheel selector choosing the winners and post on this page! 

You can message us to place an order for pick up at the shop, or you can order off of website for shipping or local pick up!

This giveaway will run for one month. 

February 7th  -  March 7th

Thanks and good luck to everyone!